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The cross-point™ Collection

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For those new to cross-point™…..

What is cross-point™?

we offer a collection of color coordinated and design related groups of pillows - shown are patterns Tulip and Tulip Border with Honeycomb

Cross-point™ kits use a unique needlework technique that is neither needlepoint nor old fashioned cross stitch. It looks like needlepoint but without the drawbacks: the material is soft jute, not stiff canvas, and requires neither hoop nor frame, no blocking or stretching back to shape. It is a counted cross stitch small enough for intricate patterns yet large enough to make stitching easy and fast, with 100% background coverage. Stitching in a rhythmic fashion on an unpainted canvas has a meditative quality: counting stitches uses the brain; filling in allows time for thoughts.

cross-point™ is..."fast, fun, and easy"

color coordinated patterns in blues and yellows-patterns shown from the Tulip group, Anatolia, Fleur de LisFor TWENTY years we have offered kits with stock or custom colors, using high quality French tapestry wool with clear charts in color and coded symbols, and instructions for each pattern. You can make pillows, rugs, and upholstery for chairs and stools; wearable items, such as purses, and shoulder and lap top bags; and small items, such as Christmas stockings and eyeglass cases. Patterns are classified as "E" (easy) or "X" (experienced), with the majority in between for any stitcher with a little practice. For more detailed information and kit contents, please visit the About cross-point™ page.

cross-point™ is..."unique"

our signature red color group - patterns shown are from the Basilica group The cross-point™ kit collection offers a wide array of beautiful patterns available in a broad range of stock colors - from rich traditional to contemporary, some vibrant and bold, others muted and soft, as well as our signature color coordinated and design related groups. Because we are a small company we have the unique ability to offer custom colors on any of our kits and also custom upholstery patterns you can create in your own color choice. Explore the categories shown below or go directly to individual pattern pages. Please visit the SPECIAL OFFERS page for an Introductory Offer.

Many confirmed needlepointers, after stitching one of my designs, have heaped on praise. In the words of one: "I will never go back to needlepoint! I just love this - and, don't forget to tell everyone how fast it goes!" For more reviews from stitchers coast to coast, please visit the Customer Comments page. Cross-point™ is a fast, fun and easy way to stitch and, beware!'s addictive!  

Welcome to cross-point™ and Happy Stitching!


The Collection

New Kilim II pattern with companion Small Morocco 02

Color coordinated Groups of Pillows
New Patterns and Colors

Misc. Small items include Christmas stockings shown

Miscellaneous Small Items
Eyeglass cases, Small Shoulder Bags
Coasters, Christmas Items

Large Zebra shoulder bag

Miscellaneous Small Items
Small & Medium Bags
Elegant bags for laptops
and Mobile products

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