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The cross-point™ Collection

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sage greens

"When working with one of your kits, several adjectives come to mind: delightful, absorbing, addictive, therapeutic, elegant, relaxing." (from the customers comments page on the cross-point website).

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This Autumn continues to be a hard time for many as daily updates on the corona virus leave many in despair and fear. Fear can wreak havoc on our immune system. It’s a good idea to replace it with something that is “delightful, absorbing and relaxing”. After designing my patterns and stitching our samples over the last 23 years, even I still find all those adjectives true for me. Stitching keeps me calm and away from fear as much as possible by keeping busy with my hands. I can stitch and listen to music or books on tape, I can watch an old TCM movie I have seen many times rather than more dreaded news..

I want to make that possible for all our stitching friends. No other kit can compare to cross-point™. Many confirmed stitchers have told me that I deliver one of best kits on the market! You too will find that stitching on an unpainted canvas in rhythmic fashion has a meditative quality, counting stitches uses the brain and filling in colors allows time for thoughts or talking with friends.

During October my SPECIAL OFFER OF 20% OFF RETAIL is for another popular pattern - CELTIC KNOT. Uploaded to the website are more companion patterns that are color coordinated. If you order any of the Celtic Knot kits and any one of the companions listed on the web page, I will extend this SPECIAL OFFER to those companion kits as well. As always, PayPal bills the Retail Price, we issue the discount back via PayPal when we process the order in house.

Stay well, remind yourself “this too shall pass”, enjoy the coming cool weather of Fall in spite of everything, look to the future with hope and joy and don’t give in to fear.

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cross-point™ Kit Name/ Item Number/ size & color Price
indigo blues with camel
9 companion kits available

All CELTIC KNOT colors and their companion kits listed on the website Pattern Page

Retail less 20%
all colors
all companion kits
 garnet red with antique gold
5 companion kits available
 Please refer to the Pattern Page at left for all Celtic Knot color options from #CEL-01 to #CEL-07.
Companion pillow kits are listed for each color option.
 green, teal, blue black, fawn
9 companion kits available (see below)
 #CEL-07 was added in 2019  
companions with cel-07 NEW Celtic Knot 07 with companions Oahu 01 and Shalimar 01


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