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blue and white

"When working with one of your kits, several adjectives come to mind: delightful, absorbing, addictive, therapeutic, elegant, relaxing." (from the customers comments page on the cross-point website).

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This summer is such a hard time as daily updates on the corona virus leave so many in despair and fear. Fear can wreak havoc on our immune system. It’s a good idea to replace it with something that is “delightful, absorbing and relaxing”. After designing my patterns and stitching our samples over the last 23 years, even I still find all those adjectives true for me. Stitching keeps me calm and away from fear as much as possible by keeping busy with my hands. Instead of watching the daily unending news cycle, I can stitch and listen to music or books on tape, I can watch an old TCM movie I have seen many times.

I want to make that possible for all our stitching friends. No other kit can compare to cross-point™. Many confirmed stitchers have told me that I deliver one of best kits on the market! You too will find that stitching on an unpainted canvas in rhythmic fashion has a meditative quality, counting stitches uses the brain and filling in colors allows time for thoughts or talking with friends.

During July and August please visit my blog posts on Summer Color Schemes. From the quintessential scheme of blues and whites, to colors of meadows and fields, as well as mountains and woods you can choose from 54 patterns in over 200 color combinations.

Stay well, remind yourself “this too shall pass”, enjoy Summer in spite of everything, look to the future with hope and joy and don’t give in to fear.

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blue, yellow and off white colors

Blue and White, Blue and Yellow,
Blue and Red
Blue and Ocean hues
(pattern: TULIP shown)
Color Scheme
 sunny yellow, orange and green colors

Sunny yellows, poppy reds, cornflower blues,
sages, grass greens, wheat, straw
(pattern: SMALL MOGHULshown)
Color Scheme
 moss, fern green colors  greens of ferns, mosses, leaves
tans and browns of branches and trees
silvery blues of lichens, rocks, spruces
((pattern: TRIANGLES shown)
Color Scheme


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