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Anatolia custom upholstery

Anatolia Custom Chair

Cross-point™ upholstery patterns are based mainly on our pillow patterns and are available by the square inch or square centimeter. Exceptions are fixed stool top patterns with dimensions as shown on the individual Pattern Pages. All patterns are available in stock colors as well as custom colors. Stock rectangular pillow kits designed as "back pillows" (lumbar) may fit your stool tops with minor changes.

For custom orders: Please submit a paper or muslin pattern for fixed sizing and wool quantity calculations. Custom orders are not available in the online store. Please contact us with your requirements for more information and details. As a price guide, the cost is $.30 (30 cents) per square inch plus a $25.00 set-up fee to change pattern sizing and coloring to your requirements. Kit contents for upholstery are the same as for our pillow patterns.

Sampler custom upholstery

Sampler Custom Bench

Here we show just a few examples of past orders for which we received photos. If you have ordered custom upholstery in the past and have photos available that you want to share, we would be thrilled to include them. On the next page are small images of patterns suitable for covering chair seats and backs, stool tops, benches and ottomans. Most are overall patterns, several are stripes which can be applied vertically or horizontally. Several stool tops are shown in specific sizes. Please refer to individual pattern pages for details on repeats and other size information and to CUSTOM SERVICES for additional information. You can also use the CONTACT form for questions on Custom Upholstery.


12th Century Geometric 

Pattern:12th CENTURY

Nilos bench 


Balouch ottoman 

Pattern: BALOUCH

Chevron stool top 

Pattern: CHEVRON

CUSTOM BENCH Pattern: Chevron 

Pattern: CHEVRON

Flamestitch Chair cushions 


Kilim ottoman 

Pattern: KILIM

Kilim stool top 

Pattern: KILIM STR.

Meadow small bench 

Pattern: MEADOW

Newport chair seat 

Pattern: NEWPORT

Newport cushion 

Pattern: NEWPORT

Tulip Stripe chair seat 


12th Century Geometric 

Pattern: 12thCENTURY

Zebra stool top 

Pattern: ZEBRA

Tiger foot stool 

Pattern: TIGER


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