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Pattern: TOPKAPI ("X")

Persian and Florentine velvets and silks are among the most sumptuous textiles ever created. Our Topkapi pattern is loosely based on a richly embroidered Medieval church vestment of which many examples are in museums around the world. Edged by a repeating diaper pattern, the center panel consists of a Greek cross element surrounded by a quatrefoil of tulips.

Topkapi 08 with new Kilim II 06Above: Topkapi 08 with companion NEW Kilim II 06
Available in one pillow size:
Large Square TOPKAPI - #TOP - 21" x 21" (53 x 53 cm)

NEW COLOR 09 (added December 2012)
Each kit contains large charts in colors and symbols, fabric, luxurious French tapestry wool, needles, and detailed instructions. Also included are our cross-pointâ„¢ Technique sheets. Patterns are classified ("X") for experienced stitchers, or ("E") for beginners, unclassified patterns can be stitched by anyone with a little practice. Kits do not include backing or trim.This pattern is for experienced stitchers because it involves intense counting, and, to make it easier, we include a Special Chart for the center elements outline. Custom colors not available.

cross-point™ Kit Name/ Item Number/ size & color Price
Topkapi 02 TOPKAPI 02 COLORS:
dusty pinks, sages, antique rose, pale fawn, grayed Jacobean pale green, off white ground

#TOP - 02
size: 21" x 21" (53 x 53 cm)

COMPANION PILLOWS: BERGAMA 06, TULIP 07 (see photo below)
Price $139.00
Topkapi 03 TOPKAPI 03 COLORS:
topaz, tomato red, dark red, green teal, chartreuse, blue ink

#TOP - 03
size: 21" x 21" (53 x 53 cm)

Tulip & Tulip Border 01 (photo at left)
Morocco Stripe 01,Karakum 01
Soumak 04, Tulip Stripe 04,
Tabriz 01, Parma 03, Nilos 02

Price $139.00
Topkapi 04 TOPKAPI 04 COLORS:
topaz, true red, grayed Jacobean green, gray blue, golden olive, black

#TOP - 04
size: 21" x 21" (53 x 53 cm)

Shalimar #SHA-03 (see photo below)
Kilim II #KIL2-01

Price $139.00
Topkapi 05 TOPKAPI 05 COLORS:
garnet red, red plum, purple plum, dark violet, navy, teal green, teal blue, Jacobean gray green

#TOP - 05
size: 21" x 21" (53 x 53 cm)

Berber Stripe 03, Tulip Stripe 03
Pisac 02, Morocco Stripe 03

Price $139.00
Topkapi 07 TOPKAPI 07 COLORS:
dark honey, copper, Siena red, cinnamon, green slate, pale gray, oatmeal, pale honey

#TOP - 07
size: 21" x 21" (53 x 53 cm)

Morocco Stripe 04, Balouch 06
"all" reds: Basilica 03, Turin 02,
Pisac 04

Price $139.00
Topkapi 08 TOPKAPI 08 COLORS:
old grayed blues, gray blue spruce, dark sand, golden fawn, beige, blue spruce ink

#TOP - 08
size: 21" x 21" (53 x 53 cm)

Kilim II 06, Pisac 06
neutral creams: Greek Border 03,
Small Chevron 01, Celtic Knot 05

Price $139.00
 Topkapi 09 in historic tapestry colors brown greens  TOPKAPI 09 COLORS:
Historic tapestry colors: greyed greens,
brownish greens, dark sand

#TOP - 09
size: 21" x 21" (53 x 53 cm)

Basilica 08,Grape & Grape Border 07,
Morocco Stripe 08,
12th Century Geometric 05

Price $139.00
Topkapi 07 with Anatolia 04 compnaion pillow

Photo at left:
ANATOLIA #ANA-04 in foreground
shown with TOPKAPI #TOP-07 at right
  Topkapi 02 with companion Bergama 06          Topkapi 02 with companion Tulip 07Above left: Topkapi 02 with companion Bergama 06Above right:Topkapi 02 with companion Tulip 07
Topkapi 04 with companion Shalimar 03Topkapi #TOP-04 with companion Shalimar #SHA-03, also Kilim II #KIL2-01 not shown


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